Dental issues like crowding, gaps, uneven or crooked teeth affect people of all ages, and yet we only ascribe dental correction procedures to pre-teens and teenagers. Bulky, painful braces conjure mental images of awkward teens trying to navigate high school social politics. But there’s no age limit on correcting dental issues, especially those that affect one’s self-confidence. Adults who want to perfect their smiles don’t have to suffer through the painful awkwardness of being adult braces. Modern technology now allows us to fix teeth quickly and discretely with Invisalign! If you are an adult looking for dental solutions for a better smile, here’s what you need to know about Invisalign. 

Ideal for Teens and Adults 

While most corrective dental treatments are geared toward younger clients, Invisalign is ideal for adults as well. Because this is a personalize system based on the condition of your specific teeth, you don’t have to worry about many limits at all. Invisalign can only be used on permanent adult teeth, so it is an option for people 12 to 13 years old or older. It is especially useful for adult clients because they are nearly imperceptible, so friends, colleagues, and family members talk to you, not the metal braces in your mouth. Invisalign lets you remain confident throughout the dental correction process. 

The primary difference between teen and adult Invisalign trays is that adult trays do not include the blue indicator strip to remind you to switch to the next tray. This leads us to the next benefit of using corrective trays instead of braces. 


Invisalign can be up to twice as fast as traditional braces, which can only be adjusted according to your dentist’s discretion. With Invisalign, you will still have to visit a dental office in Boca Raton, but the pace of your progress is up to you. For adults, trays should be changed about every two weeks with dental exams every four to six weeks to monitor progress. Depending on your specific needs, Invisalign treatment can be completed in as little as 18 months—a full six months faster than the average timeframe for traditional braces. 

That being said, Invisalign is intended to help correct minor to moderate issues like small gaps or overcrowding. It is a less invasive corrective technique, so people with more severe dental problems may benefit from more traditional braces. 

Removeable and Easy to Maintain 

One of the most annoying things about braces is how restrictive they can be on your diet and oral hygiene routine. The wires and bands can trap food or be damaged by certain substances like gummy, soft, or sticky foods. They also make it hard to clean your teeth, so sugar intake must be reduced throughout treatment, including sugary beverages. 

Invisalign has no such restrictions. Because the trays are removeable, you can eat and drink anything you want and brush your teeth as normal. Cleaning the trays is also quick and simple: warm water and specialized dental tray solutions will keep them clean and sterile. In a pinch, you can also use toothpastes designed for cleaning dentures.  

Cheaper and less invasive, Invisalign may be the right option for your cosmetic dental needs. For more information, contact London Dental Group to schedule more consultation!