Dr . Anna Gombar has been partnering with patients to achieve their oral health goals since 2010. She completed her dental education at the Temple University School of Dentistry in Philadelphia PA. Upon graduation Dr. Gombar pursued a higher level of dental skills and knowledge by participating in hundreds of hours of continuing education on topics including cosmetic dentistry, worn teeth, TMJ disorders, crowns, veneers and cosmetic bonding, oral surgery, gum health and implants. She has advanced training in creating esthetic excellence and treating broken and worn teeth through the highly respected Spear Education. Her specialized knowledge focuses on creating smiles that are designed specifically for each unique patient.

She is an active member of the Atlantic Coast Dental Research Clinic in Palm Beach, FL and is also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. She also participates in volunteer dentistry projects, recently donating her time and skills to the people of Guatemala.

She is loved by patients for her gentle, painless, compassionate and relaxed treatment style. Dr. Gombars’ practice philosophy is to create completely unique treatment options that work with the lives of her patients. She is in tune with life outside of dentistry and realizes that patients needs change with changing life circumstances. She aims to provide the best treatment available for each particular situation, while respecting her patients’ priorities and limitations. She says:
“ Experience has taught me that trust is the secret ingredient for success ”

Outside the office Dr Gombar enjoys spending time with her family and friends. She is obsessed with her dog, Rascal, a 7 year old rescue. Traveling around the world is another hobby Dr Gombar enjoys. Recently she has enjoyed hiking and plans to focus upcoming travel on national parks.

As your dentist she is committed to understanding your individual needs and desires. She promises to provide you with gentle, painless, knowledgeable, compassionate and predictable solutions for your unique situation. Together we will achieve improved oral health and keep your uniquely beautiful smile for years to come.