Payment Options for Dental Care

Dr. Steven London understands that one of the main concerns of most dental patients when considering treatment is how will they pay for their dental work. Patients often think that the work they want or need is very expensive and that their dentist will expect a cash-only payment for the treatment they have received. Unfortunately this often causes patients to avoid a much-needed trip to the dentist. What they may not realize is that many dental treatments are more affordable than they think and most dentists now offer a variety of payment options that make the financial aspect of dental care less stressful.

One of the best ways to pay for dental work is to finance the treatment through a healthcare financing company. Dr. London is affiliated with CareCredit, which is one of the largest healthcare financing companies in the country. CareCredit offers patients who have a fairly good credit rating the option of making interest-free payments for an extended period of time. Many dental offices also provide in-office dental payment plans to their patients that permit patients to make monthly payments for the work they are having done. And most offices will accept major credit cards and as always, cash payment is welcome. Every patient has a unique financial situation and now, there are a wide variety of ways to ease the patient’s worries over paying for their care. Dr. London recommends speaking to your dentist about the financial options available to you.